About OsText

Ostext is the best place to find and share open source translations.

The short story behind Ostext is that in 2012 Michael Jentsch needed a some text messages in different languages for a new open source project. After spending hours searching in different open source projects and looking for the perfect one for his needs, he came to the conclusion there must be a better way. He envisioned a site where it is easy to find messages that are used and translated in other projects without having to download or install them first.

At the moment there are more than five million translation messages available on ostext for you. With this, we want to help you capture more time for other tasks instead of reinventing the wheel translation.

The World’s Largest Open Source I18N Message Database

Ostext is the perfect choice for you if you have to translate i18n software in a huge amount of different languages. Ostext.org contains more than 5.000.000 localization messages from open source projects around the world.


Comfortable and easy to use search engine

Ostext uses a very powerful, yet very easy to use search engine. The query language makes it much easier to find the i18n messages you need. You can find the query language documentation here.


Ostext in action

38 translations for Firewall is enabled (disable)
44 translations for Create Backup Archive
More than 200 translations for “cancel“
… and many more useful translations for your open source project.

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