Ostext FAQ


Which languages are available?
There is no list of languages that are supported by ostext.org. Everey language we found a translation will be available here. You can check under each project the available languages that are listed.

Is there a translation toolkit for my translations?
We recommend to use the Pootle for your project.
Pootle is an online translation and localization tool. It tries to lower the barrier of entry, but also provides tools to enable teams to work towards higher quality while welcoming newcomers.
Pootle is released under the General Public License, version 2 or later.

The five star ratings and what they mean.
The five star rating is only available on the search results page.
1 Star: The translation is used in 1 message file
2 Star: The translation is used in 2-3 message files
3 Star: The translation is used in 4-6 message files
4 Star: The translation is used in 7-9 message files
5 Star: The translation is used in 10 or more message files

How do I add a project to be translated?
If you want to add translations for a project is hosted somewhere on the internet, please send us a message with the name and the URL of the project an we will add it as soon as possible.

Can I link to ostext.org?
Yes, but you don’t have to ask permission. It’s always okay to link ostext.org. If you want to link to one of your existing pages, you can find the permalink at the bottom of every page.

How much does it cost for a link to my website?
Sorry, but we don’t sell links on our website.

Does the translations get reviewed or approved?
No but yes. There are more than 5.000.000 text messages in our database and we cannot review all the translations. But every translation comes from a open source project and in most cases there is as review of the project, before being left in the wild. So you can be sure you will be getting a truly reviewed translation.

Is there a Open Source translations API?
Yes, everything you see here on ostext.org is based on the public API. For more informations about the API you can read more about the API here.

How can I support ostext.org?
By using ostext.org and reporting any issues you’re helping a great deal. If you’re interested in helping out you should drop an e-mail to the ostext.org team offering your help.

Is it even possible to add non open source translations to ostext.org?
No. All translations at ostext.org are available under a open source license. There is no way to add non open source text messages.

I do not know English well enough. Can I get find messages in any other language
Yes, you can search here for the translations in any available language. You should speed up the search by selecting the language you are searching for. (I hope you understand the answer 🙂 )

What is Open Source?
Read the Open Source FAQ for more information.

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